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Nail Art

Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls

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I believe that that all of you envy and admire those marvelously enthralling nails that have stunningly hot designs on them, don’t you? Well, I know all of you wish to have same spectacular nails but lack money to go to a salon and get them designed. So girls! You need not to go to salons to get your nails done with the expensive magnificent nail art for you can do it at home with some simple Easy Nail Art Ideas shared in here for your help. Trust me! You can get the same nails as those expensive beauty salons offer you without spending a fortune. You just need to follow the easy nail art ideas given in here to have gorgeous nails.

Easy Nail Art Ideas

Get some cool and stunning yet easy nail art ideas here in this article. Just gather toothpick, shiner and an abundance of nail colors of your choice and start doing it. So here we go let’s get to the easy nail art ideas.Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls (7)

Polka Dots

Polka dots are the easiest nail art design to be done at home by a non-professional. They not only look cute but also feminine and delicate. Polka dots done in lighter shades combinations such as pink and white, pink and peach, blue and white, and yellow and white give a soft delicate appearance whereas if done dark color combinations like black and red, green and brown, brown and red, golden and black, and see green and golden provide a hot stunning look. You may go for either ways as per your choice.Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls (14)

Musical Designs

If you are a music lover then get some music notes on your nails to show some devotion to music. To do this you may pick any lighter shade of your choice of even use transparent nail paint as base coat and apply white nail polish on the tips of your nails just like French manicure. Now make some wonderful music notes with black nail polish on all of your nails. Give a final touch by applying another coat of transparent nail polish to get the glossy appearance.Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls (18)

Puzzle Designs

Again, an elegant and easy design for you! You can paint a nail base in lighter tone such as pink, white, yellow, orange and make a half puzzle piece on your nail with contrasting colors like black, green, blue, red etc. These are easy to do and look elegantly fantabulous.Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls (2)

Emoticons Designs

Smileys are one of the easy nail art ideas that can be done exquisitely. Paint your nails in lighter shades as yellow, lavender, pink, peach, purple, or orange and draw different emoticons on each of your nails like pinched, sad, happy, grinning, smiling, angry, weeping etc. Apply the shiner at the end to have a lustrous look.Stunning yet Easy Nail Art Ideas for Girls (17)

These were some cool and easy nail art ideas. I hope you liked them and will try them now. You can also try your own creativity and if you have some ideas in your mind then express them on your nails or get some more from the gallery below.

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